Terms and conditions of use

Article 1 - General

The general terms and conditions apply to the use of the online sales on www.kaygfashionbrands.com and to all involved agreements.

They guarantee the follow-up of the order between the contracting parties.


Article 2 - Orders

If the user has identified, the order can only be processed.

Each order implies the acceptance of the general conditions, in particular the prices and description of the product.

We undertake to process the orders as long as stocks last.

If the article no longer appears to be in stock, we undertake to send a replacement item or to refund the amount you have already paid.

You will receive a confirmation email after the order at the e-mail address you provided.


Article 3 - Data

You must be authorized to use the webshop;

Your data is confidential and will not be passed on. They are intended for internal use.

They are only used by us to fulfill the obligations arising from the agreement with you.


Article 4 - Delivery

The order will be delivered by bpost, unless you have indicated that you will collect it yourself.

After we have received your payment, your order will be delivered.

You are then obliged to accept the goods at the moment they are delivered to you.

Any delivery problems can be reported via mail (info.kayg@gmail.com).

In case of returns (wrong item or defect), you must return the item within 7 days after receipt. If you do not want an exchange order, we advise you to fill in your account number on the delivery notice (will be delivered by mail) so that we can refund you the item (s), with the exception of the already paid transport costs.

With a trade order you will not be charged a new shipping fee.


During transport we will bear the risk in case of loss of the products. This risk passes to the consumer at the moment of delivery of the products and receipt.

 Article 5 - Guarantees -We guarantee that the goods to be delivered meet the descriptions stated on the webshop. We cannot be held liable for any errors, despite our good precautions.

 Article 6 - Payment -When placing the order you have the choice to pay paypal or bank transfer.The delivery will happen when we have received the payment. 

Article 7 - Intelectual ownership

All parts of this website are held by K' Styling boutique & KAY G. Fashion brands (Owner Karla Geens). The consumer is referred to the law on the national provisions of the data and computer programs;

in particular the Act of 31 August 1998 on the legal protection of the data and the law of 30 June 1994 on the legal protection of computer programs.

Article 8 - Liability

We cannot be held liable for nuisance or damage caused by the use of the internet; Especially due to breakdowns of the system, a virus, etc. K' Styling boutique cannot be held responsible in the event of damage to the user due to the use of the webshop. Also we are not responsible in case of fraud or mistakes by third parties.

We are not liable and cannot pay compensation for loss of bargains or income due to a lack of functioning of the webshop, a virus on the web server or viruses that can affect your computer, system breakdowns and internet interruptions, incomplete information on the webshop .

Certain changes can be made to the webshop or maintenance at any time which the consumer must accept. Nor are we responsible for the damage incurred for any reason.

If the delivery time is exceeded by mail, we cannot be held liable, but you must address the postal services or the carrier.

Article 9 – Duration These conditions apply as long as our services are offered online.